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While attending the Idyllwild High School Arts Academy, Alex Warner studied Theater and Photography and experimented with then-new 3D animation tools and stereoscopic anaglyph artwork.

After graduating with a BFA in Film from the Art Center College of Design, Alex worked on motion simulator movies for international theme park attractions (like Disney's ‘Star Tours’) and then visual effects and character animation for films and television.

Working in motion design, Alex won Promax and BDA awards for theatrical motion picture and television work, and is currently a freelance designer and art director with extensive digital cinema, stereoscopic 3D, and HDR finishing experience. He is an on-set visual effects supervisor and has live production experience.

Alex has pitched and sold design concepts for major motion pictures and television shows. He is a member of the Visual Effects Society and is Imaging Science Foundation level II certified. He writes sketch comedy and performs regularly at The Clubhouse and is a member of an official house improvisation team at The Pack theater (voted “best theater company in LA”).

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(From LinkedIn in reverse chronological order.)

Helen Greene
Owner & Executive Creative Director at Greenhaus GFX
I recommend Alex, he is a hard worker; dedicated to always finding the answers. He is honest and loyal. Any company would be better to have him as a team member. It has been a pleasure working with him for the past two years.

Jason Doherty
Creative Director at Greenhaus GFX
Alex Warner is one of the most technically creative people I've had the pleasure of working with. We've taken on quite a few obstacles together — he's always pulled through & saved the day. I'm grateful for all I've learned from him over the last couple years and hope to work with him again.

Lester Chin
Co-head of Business Development, Executive Producer at Greenhaus GFX
I had the pleasure of working with Alex over the last few years. He started out as a 3D stereoscopic supervisor and expanded his creative talents into conceptual design, motion graphics, VFX and post production at greenhaus-and continues to excel in all disciplines, He would be an ideal candidate and integral in helping grow any creative advertising agency.

Buzz Hays
Studio Chief at True Image Company, Inc. (formerly at Sony Pictures Imageworks)
Alex Warner is an exceptional talent in the visual effects world. I have worked with Alex on numerous occasions while he has been employed by Lumeni. I am very impressed with Alex's passion for film, design and technology as well as his thorough knowledge of and dedication to visual effects and production.

Cary Sachs
Chief Marketing Officer / SVP at Pongo
Alex is simply great! This guy knows his stuff, extremely talented!!! He was an amazing asset while working for my team at Pongo. He is always welcomed back here at the agency. His work ethic is also another notch in da' cap. He works unsupervised and always has his work "creative ready" when presenting and showing the team to review. Overall, as you can tell - Great Hire!

Searra Head
Creative Director at SeaLevel
Alex is always ready with creative ideas and thoughtful solutions to whatever the challenge may be. Add his impecable eye for design to the technical skills he possesses and you've got a truly amazing animator. He can not only dream up the most fantastic animations... he can also put them into motion.

Joe Tamanini
President at Studio City
Alex Warner is a delight to work with, a true visionary, and has a creative shorthand that is refreshing when interacting. When working with him, he was never short of fresh ideas, creative approaches, and viable solutions to any project that we worked on together. His artistry is top notch, his attention to detail is second to none, and his passion to consistently be growing creatively is amazing to be around. I wholeheartedly recommend Alex to anyone looking to have a true creative leader and artist on their team.

Kris Waterman
Senior Designer/Animator at Studio City
Alex is one of the most multitalented people I've had the privilege to work with. Excitingly creative, detail driven, technologically savvy, he brings so much to the table. He challenges you to constantly think outside the box. He will bring a fresh and unique approach to any organization and I would gladly work with Alex again down the road.

Christopher Cundey
Producer at Modern Motion Pictures
I have worked with Alex on numerous projects, including feature films and television projects and in every case his eye towards quality has been apparent. He is an artist with broad experience, spanning from 3D character animation to compositing. This breadth of knowledge and skills has enabled him to take shots from start to finish. In addition to his creative and aesthetic abilities, his technical understanding of the underlying hardware and software on which he works has consistency made him a valuable team member.

Michelle Machado
Digital Producer at Rhythm & Hues
Alex has consistently been a pleasure to work with. He is a talented artist willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. A true talent with technical know-how. I recommend and hope to work with Alex again.

Chris Ervin
Creative Director at League 43
Alex Warner is one of those rare individuals who knows what things should look like on screen. When others are simply satisfied with a finished product, Alex's experience and aesthetic gifts have lofted projects from good, to great. With the marriage of creative and technical talents, He brings educated experience to the film and television industries. If you were to assemble a professional football team, he would be your starter.